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Things that sucked in the past week...

Food poisoning - It's like getting beat up FOR REAL! I'm still sore from puking.

This fucking snow. Have I said I hate winter...I HATE WINTER!!

Being unemployed. It sucks when your employer doesn't have a heart and fires you a week before Christmas. Maybe that's what I get for working for a bitchy queen

Things that DIDN'T suck this past week...

Finally decorating the Christmas tree with Herb. Yeah, yeah before you flame me for waiting this long just remember that Jesus was not born on December 25th or even in December for that reason so Christmas is when it happens as far as I'm concerned. Anyway after all the work herbe did to hang the lights it's all gonna stay up awhile Bitches!

Getting a gig when I really needed the money!

Connecting on an emotional level with my uncle who really hasn't had much to do with me thus far in life.

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