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Welcome to Bearville and Chubville

Straight and Gay Bear and Chub

Straight/Gay Bears and Chubs
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This is a community for Gay and Straight Bears, and Gay and Straight Chubs. (I only use the words seperately because not all Chubs are Bears, and vice-versa. For instance, most women aren't bears)

So here are some rules:

1. You must be 18 or older to post. I will check all birthdates in profiles, so you must have it listed. The only time I won't check is if I already have you listed as a friend under my own journal, and already know how old you are. Please have the year listed too.

2. No nude pictures, with the exception of pictures that have artful covering of the naughty bits. And I don't mean using a sex toy to cover up a naughty bit either! Also, any pictures must be behind an LJ-Cut. If you have a picture, but don't know if it's acceptable, I and two others will tell you if it is.

3. No flaming! And considering this is a Gay/Straight community, I expect people to be civil. Keep your own personal opinions in your journal.

4. If you're just looking to hook up with someone for a date, make it perfectly clear what you're lookin for.

5. Have fun most of all! Almost any subject is welcome! (Chasers welcome too, especially Chubby Chubby Chasers)